Information architecture is increasingly important in all aspects of business.  Search engines and users are placing the burden of information organization and structure on website owners and rewarding or penalizing brands according to their usability.  From domain structure to sitemap hierarchy to page layout, content architecture can directly affect lead generation, website engagement and conversion rates.

Given complex product, service and market structures for B2B organizations, these search and user demands can be even more challenging.  Not understanding best practices or performing diligent testing can quickly impede search engine rankings and user experience.  Learn the necessary steps required to properly architect your website’s content and data.

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Cortney Heimerl

Cortney Heimerl

Cortney has nearly a decade of experience developing brands through the digital marketplace.  Currently a Digital Strategist at Ascedia, she had her first insight into the power of digital communication when a trailer for a film she was producing premiered on YouTube and soon led to her first book deal.  Since that moment, she has been on a quest to understand the channels of digital communication and how to optimize opportunities to build brands in a meaningful way.  She prides herself on her ability to recognize goals of her clients and utilizes analytics, strategic research and data mining to develop robust digital strategies that are executed through interactive tactics.  Cortney has executed digital, brand and social strategy for Pabst Brewing Company, Sprecher Brewery, NEWaukee Night Market, Milwaukee County Transit System, Visit Kenosha, Hover Craft and Maker Market.  Cortney graduated with a BFA in contemporary art theory from UW-Milwaukee and went on to earn her MA in Media Ecology from New York University.