As B2B marketing leaders, we know how critical lead generation is. On Sept. 10, Chris Czachor of James Hardie Building Products and Mark Shevitz of CBD agency will share insights about building a highly successful lead generation program for B2B channel partners, but with a very out of the box and creative consumer-facing program.
The completely integrated program is now the top lead generator for the world’s number one manufacturer and marketer of fiber cement siding used in high-end new homes and residential remodeling-residing projects.

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Chris Czachor<br />
James Hardie Building Products

Chris Czachor
James Hardie Building Products

As a marketing professional with more than then 10 years’ experience, Chris Czachor has spent the last two at James Hardie Building Products, where he leads the James Hardie Ambassador Program and also works with the company’s contractor programs. Chris has been with the Ambassador program since its inception and has played an integral role in its development and rollout, first as a test market program in Chicago and the Washington, D.C. areas, and now in several additional markets as the program evolves and expands.  He’s expert in all the various aspects and facets of this unique and highly successful lead generation initiative which has proven itself to be a foundational program for James Hardie, the country’s Number One manufacturer and marketer of fiber cement siding and other cladding products.

Mark Shevitz<br />

Mark Shevitz

As a leader in branding, Mark Shevitz understands that brand insights inform pretty much everything, from messaging to communications efforts to organizational change, and ties his efforts directly to achieving measurable marketing and sales goals. He works closely with his clients’ senior leadership, using foundational brand work to establish brand architecture and uncover new business opportunities. Mark helped reframe the brand persona for James Hardie, from that of a supplier of siding for housing to an integral component of a beautiful and safe home. Mark and Chris Czachor worked collaboratively to successfully position the James Hardie Ambassador Program through its launch phase and, now, as it becomes a cornerstone lead generation program for the company.