Change isn’t a choice, it’s an inevitability. In today’s business world, handling change is a skill. Businesses that accept change’s constancy and embrace it have better odds. Change, by its code name “innovation,” is at the core of many mission statements. Looking for opportunities to innovate is a great first step, but knowing HOW to look for innovation and training for innovative thinking helps bolster your business. True innovation is far more than trend-spotting – it’s about consumer interests, the growing need for transparency and the opportunity to differentiate. Bader Rutter’s Jeff Young will help marketers navigate but also to identify the disruptions that signal change, and ultimately, give businesses the advantage of innovation.

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Jeff Young<br />
President<br />
Bader Rutter

Jeff Young
Bader Rutter

Jeff Young is responsible for the operations of Bader Rutter (BR), where he focuses on growing the agency’s offerings and fostering a dynamic work environment for employees. He’s been with BR for more than 24 years, starting as a public relations writer and moving on to management roles in PR and account management. Follow BR on Twitter at @bader_rutter.