Join ANA Milwaukee for an interactive “office-hours” chat on a key topic that is impacting all marketers – across the spectrum of agency, corporate, and freelance teams. How do you keep your skills sharp when in-person training is not as accessible anymore? And how do you choose from a myriad of choices now available for alternative training?

This month’s event focuses on helping you determine the best resources and programs to level-up your marketing skills, while discussing the following questions:

  • What does it mean to obtain a ‘certificate’ vs. a ‘certification’?
  • How to compare these options to traditional higher education?
  • What’s better : An on-demand, self-paced program, or a live training?
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Mark Liebert
SVP, ANA Marketing Training

George Stenitzer
Founder & Chief Content Officer
Crystal Clear Communications

Milt Hwang
Lead Instructor, Digital Marketing
UW Madison Digital Skills Bootcamp