Break Out with AI Trends and Technology

Join ANA MKE and AMA MKE on Wednesday, October 18th from 5- 7 pm an interactive breakout event that will help you go deeper with AI exploration and questions.

With the generous sponsorship of Stream Creative, we are hosting an in-person, happy hour event that will allow you to choose the topic you’d like to go deeper on

During registration, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a break-out session around one of these 3 AI Trends:

  • Generative AI Copy and Writing capabilities
  • Generative AI Images and Video capabilities
  • Generative AI’s infusion into CRM / Marketing Tech Stacks

Although this is a part 2 event to an interactive Q&A panel event that our organizations hosted in May, you do not need to have attended that event in order to register for this event

Instead, we aim to equip you for the latest developments by providing break-out sessions as you continue your AI explorations. Each facilitator will have some prepared comments on the topic, but will hold an interactive session guided by your questions.

Register right away as we need to cap this event’s attendance due to venue limitations and the break-out format. You won’t want to miss it!

Note that happy hour snacks and beverages will be provided. Special note: To build on the “artificial” theme, we’ll be adding a creative twist to this happy hour theme – by providing a selection of NA (Non-alcoholic) beers/drinks – that have started to emerge as popular options. So, join us as we ask if we can tell the difference between “artificial” content and “artificial” cocktails.

Facilitators for Break-out sessions:

Steve James, Co-founder and Agency Partner: Stream Creative

Brian Brinkman, Co-founder and Agency Partner: Stream Creative

Milt Hwang, Principal at Mission MarTech LLC

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