About the Event

In many companies, sales & marketing just don’t get along. But because of changing marketing conditions… like say, for example, a pandemic that’s changing both B2C and B2B buying behaviors… it’s time to find ways to reduce friction between sales & marketing.

The book we’re reading for March, The Machine: A Radical Approach to the Design of the Sales Function, explores ways to streamline sales efforts and create more efficiencies for both teams to work together.

ANA Process Series chair & director of business development Betsy Rowbottom will lead the discussion along with Liza Redlin, who has helped organizations to implement the principles of The Machine. Liza will share her experiences (good, bad & ugly) with the ways she’s seen it work and not work. And, you’ll leave with tips to take back and try to unify your own sales and marketing teams.

About the Author

Justin Roff-Marsh is the Founder of Ballistix, a sales management and marketing consultancy, specializing in the implementation and ongoing support of Sales Process Engineering (SPE). Known for debunking myths, slaying sacred cows (guys, it’s in his primary nav…) and logical rigor, Justin frequently leaves audiences challenged, excited and energized.

Join us March 11 for this second addition of Business, Books and Beverages. Register below. 

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Liza Redlin<br />

Liza Redlin

Owner, Milwaukee Terrarium Company

Betsey Rowbottom

Betsey Rowbottom

ANA Chair & Director of Business Development @ SRH