A “real talk” panel discussion on collaboration & planning tools, an undervalued aspect of the MarTech Stack

During our Agile themed series, we’ve activated your thinking on Agile Marketing in a 101 overview and a hands-on workshop.

On Thursday, May 12th from 12-1 PM on Zoom, we’ll round out the series by exploring the impact of “tools of Agile” … the platforms that help marketers keep aligned on deadlines and tactics across a distributed team.

Various ANA MKE board and team members will share their perspectives on what their corporate and agency teams use to stay on task. Each will share a quick overview of what their teams utilize, and the pros/cons and key learnings.

  • Milt Hwang – Workfront (Adobe)
  • Dean Stier – Monday.com
  • Rachel Weitendorf and Scott Hill – Workamajig, Jira, etc.
  • Ryann Greve – Asana, Trello, etc…
  • Tom Sanders – AirTable, etc…

We won’t be advocating for any individual tool, but sharing real talk on our experiences! We’ll explore:

  • How each tool aligns with their individual/org work processes. Are there any gaps? Any things that work exceptionally well?
  • How was the tool chosen? What helped solidify the choice? Or what feature do you really hope support rolls out next?
  • From an agency point of view, how does your tool work with client-side tools? Or are you using multiple tools because of client preferences?

More will likely come throughout our discussion, and we’ll leave plenty of time for audience questions and comments, too! Register today!

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