Rethink Everything: AI’s Impact on Marketing

Join ANA MKE and AMA MKE on Wednesday, May 31st 12 – 1:30 pm central for an interactive panel event on the transformative topic that has dominated the 2023 headlines: AI

Given the generous sponsorship of Stream Creative, we are hosting a live, in-person lunch event on AI and its “Everything Everywhere All at Once impact on Marketing”.

You’ll learn:

– Why AI is not just passing fad or overly hyped trend

– Initial use-cases from marketers and their functional partners in IT

– How to embrace these trends for you and your organization

– Most importantly, how to get started!

We aim to inspire and equip you with ideas on your AI Journey. Register right away as we need to cap this event’s attendance due to venue limitations, and you won’t want to miss it.

We’re going to cover the topic along multiple dimensions – inclusive of agency marketers, in-house client leaders, marketing consultants, and the all-important marketing – IT partnership.


  • Steve James, Co-founder and Agency Partner: Stream Creative
  • Jen Adamski, Director – Marketing, Calcium
  • Mike Cleary, CIO, Sentry Equipment
  • Moderator – Milt Hwang, Principal at Mission MarTech LLC
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