Contined market growth and the resulting talent shortage have been well documented over the past several years. Specific to marketing, new digital technologies and go-to-market models have further pushed need for diverse skillsets that cut across the entire experience spectrum.

Bob Schwalbach, a veteran recruiting and staffing leader that was with K-Force for 20 years, is now the Founder of Proven Process Group, a staffing company offering dedicated services focused on strategic leadership, process, technology, and business development roles.

Join us on Thursday, October 10th for an interactive morning workshop, as Bob shares his experiences on how to address these challenges:

  • As a Hiring Manager, how to attract great candidates
  • As a Hiring Manager, determining if/when/why to retain recruiting firms for marketing roles
  • As a Job Seeker, how to make your profile stand-out to recruiters, and how to navigate the process
  • As an Agency/Recruiter, how to make your candidates stand out

Thanks much to UWM’s School of Continuing Education for providing the event venue. Reference here for more information about their programming and for event location, directions and parking:

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Bob Schwalbach

Bob is a veteran of the staffing and recruiting industry. Starting his career at the desk level with 20+ years
of hands-on sales and sales leadership experience and a belief that simplicity is the fastest path to
success. He has led local and regional sales organizations exceeding $210 million in sales with over 220
total reports.
He is the founder of Proven Process Group, a staffing company focused on helping their customers fill
Strategic roles in the areas of Executive Leadership, Business Process, Technology, Engineering, Supply
Chain, and Business Development. They do this with programs built around dedicated services offered to
their customers.
He is active is his community of Shorewood, WI where he lives with his wife and two children.