Far too many marketers today are frustrated with the less than expected results from their marketing efforts. Andy Drefs teaches people how to properly employ the power of story in such a way that it more rapidly connects with their prospects. Doing so draws people in and helps grow their business.

Stories have been compelling the human brain for a very long time.  We all love a good story and this of course includes your prospects.  Andy will show the importance of making your prospect the hero of your brand’s story as you guide them to success and discuss the “5 Second Test” (and see if your website passes).  Time permitting, Andy will walk through a method to turbocharge your elevator pitch and make it super effective.

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Andy Drefs<br />
President<br />
Bottom-Line Marketing Group

Andy Drefs
Bottom-Line Marketing Group

Andy Drefs is the president of the Bottom-Line Marketing Group. The company was launched in 2009 as a video production company primarily focused on the B2B market. Over the years there was an ever increasing demand for copywriting, primarily in the area of video scripts and website copy. This lead to assisting with the overall messaging for their clients.

Andy and his wife Katie and daughter Audrie enjoy biking, camping, kayaking and skiing. They reside in Waukesha where Katie is a French teacher and 8 year old Audrie “works” as an assistant with the Kinder Kids ski program at Alpine Valley.

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