Creating good content consistently is hard enough. But when you’re tasked with targeting multiple audiences at different times, with different messages, and measuring it all, marketing can become overwhelming.

In this presentation, Widen will share how we use marketing automation, customer relationship management, and digital asset management tools to hone our buyer personas, create content that is relevant to each, drive inbound leads to our sales team, and measure the performance of our content across all channels.

You’ll leave with a concrete understanding of the following:

  • The roles personas play in content marketing. Why they are important, and what we did to define and hone our buyer personas
  • The key tools you need to harness content marketing and measurement
  • The data we look at to measure how our content is performing
  • The content strategy we’ve created to drive the right conversation with our target audience in the right moment
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Jake Athey<br />
VP of Marketing<br />

Jake Athey
VP of Marketing

Jake Athey is the VP of Marketing at Widen and an integral member of the content strategy team. In his 13 years at Widen, he’s spearheaded the shift from outbound to inbound marketing and driven the evolution of product strategy. He currently oversees and manages all of the moving parts of content strategy, brand experience, sales and more. He believes that intelligent content, powered by intelligent technology, can be life-changing for marketers and their business.

Nina Brakel-Schutt<br />
Brand Strategist<br />

Nina Brakel-Schutt
Brand Strategist

For the past five years, Nina has been the Brand Strategist at Widen where she helps align the vision of marketing and sales, manage the Widen brand, and promote thought leadership. She has a background in design and, before coming to Widen, spent over 20 years on the agency side in Chicago helping companies like Quaker Oats, GE, Lund International, and Rush University to strengthen and communicate their brands.

Nina is an avid reader and writer who loves to get outside and spend time with her husband, two kids, and dog.

Nate Holmes<br />
Content Marketing Manager<br />

Nate Holmes
Content Marketing Manager

Nate Holmes is the Content Marketing Manager at Widen. Nate believes that a good story, some data on your audience, and a desire to help others will lead you to success in marketing.  He likes his coffee black, copy concise, and desk organized. Despite those facts, he’s actually pretty personable. He’d also like to point out he’s modeled for Widen. An image featuring the back of his head had 924 embed views in the last 30 days of this being written.