Customers are more informed than ever even before they connect with you directly. So, more information is not what they need from you – they are looking for someone they feel they can trust. The challenge is that all the Big Data in the world won’t help you create an honest connection with your customer. You need to dig deeper, not broader.

There are years of psychological research available that uncover how and why we make decisions. And it all points to a common theme: We are not as rational as we think, our decisions are still mainly driven by intuition.

In this workshop, Luke will explain how companies are enhancing their big data to increase sales and drive deeper loyalty through utilization of psychology based segmentation and focused messaging.

If you’re interested in expanding your viewpoint on how to look at your customer, this session should prove to be very enlightening.

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Luke Heffron<br />
Senior Vice President<br />
genius Group

Luke Heffron
Senior Vice President
genius Group

Mr. Heffron has over 20 years of direct marketing experience and has been a key factor in developing many of the first on-demand direct marketing programs that leveraged data from early on. Luke has created loyalty marketing processes in markets including: casino gaming, automotive, retail, insurance and travel. He has presented throughout the United States on the topics of direct marketing, data driven marketing, customer loyalty and omni-channel marketing for companies including Ford Motor Company, MGM International, Costco Wholesale, Canon USA, and the DMA (Direct Marketing Association).

Luke has a strong ability to simplify the complexities associated with customer marketing data and technology into useful and actionable processes to drive higher sales, deeper loyalty and happier customers.

As Senior Vice President at ddk marketing, he leads all the innovation team for genius product and business development.