The explosion of digital capabilities, the changing demographics of the workforce, the movement of power from brands to consumers. All of these create cause for The Shift to happen in today’s marketing organizations.

During this lunchtime keynote event, Ninveh Neuman, vice president of global commercial marketing at Rockwell Automation, will share the company’s journey in modernizing its marketing methods and practices to evolve, adapt and anticipate how customers want to interact and engage, to drive greater sales and loyalty.

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Ninveh Neuman<br />
Vice President of Global Commercial Marketing<br />
Rockwell Automation

Ninveh Neuman
Vice President of Global Commercial Marketing
Rockwell Automation

Ninveh Neuman is the vice president of global commercial marketing at Rockwell Automation. There, she provides leadership and strategic direction for Rockwell Automation’s marketing efforts from thought leadership in the market all the way throughout a customer’s buying cycle. A Marquette journalism alumna, Neuman is leading Rockwell Automation’s evolution of its marketing organization, driving messaging, modernization and integration of online and offline interactions with sales, channels, customers and prospects.

Neuman brings more than 20 years of experience and a robust background in marketing, communications and digital marketing at Rockwell Automation to her current role. She joined the company in 1995 in marketing communications and has since held numerous positions of increasing responsibility and leadership, most recently director, global marketing and communications. Follow Rockwell Automation on Twitter at @ROKAutomation.